Jonas De Vuyst


I have been passionate about computers and programming since I was a teenager. In high school I even graduated with a specialisation in computer studies. I ended up studying philosophy in university, however, and even went on to do a PhD in philosophy. As a graduate student I did research on logic and proof systems, a topic that is at an intersection of philosophy and computer science.

When I finished my PhD I decided not to pursue a career in academia. Instead I first attended Hacker School to prepare myself for a career switch. Following Hacker School I traveled in South East Asia as I taught myself iOS programming. Hype Alarm is one iPhone app that I created in that period. Following my travels I accepted jobs in Saigon (RingMD) and Singapore (MyDoc, Grab) as an iOS developer.

Occasionally I work on open source projects such as Comprehend, a Clojure library for doing pattern matching on sets. See GitHub for a more comprehensive list.

I am most comfortable with the languages Swift, Objective-C, and Clojure. However, the language I'm currently particularly interested in is Idris. Idris is an experimental functional programming language that has a lot in common with Haskell.

I have previously lived in Brussels (10 years), Amsterdam (5 months), Beijing (7 months), New York (3 months), and Saigon (8 months). I’ve been living in Singapore since January 2015.

PhD Thesis

In January 2014 I graduated from a PhD program in philosophy. For my PhD thesis I developed tableau-based proof systems for dynamic modal logics. The Clojure implementation of my theorem prover for public announcement logic is available here.

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